Is anyone Else on Eligard Hormone treatment?

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Just wondering. I didn't find anyone at Loma Linda who was on it either, though my oncologist certainly was aware of it.

Also, while I get Eligard injected into my stomach, most of the guys I talked to who were getting shots got their injections in the hip or butt.

There is also a gleason score line that once crossed, surgery is no longer an option but I have noticed that line is not a hard and fast rule. I must have been sitting on it when I had surgery. Others I have talked to with the same gleason were told they were not a candidate for surgery just radiation and shots.

So it goes.

Its snowing here in Michigan today. I hope your weather is better.


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    Gleason max?
    I wasn't told that there is a real stopping point based just on the Gleason score. Mine pre-op was 4+3 & 4+4 (and noted as very aggressive) in 9 cores. They did say I could not wait, so perhaps it is the first score getting to 5 that is the stopping point.

    They did say that if the CT (lymph node) or bone scan came back positive that surgery was pointless. Both mine were negative, so the robot rolled out for me.
    No HT yet, but it is looming.