News item on colorectal cancer drugs now and in develoopment for tomorrow:

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"There are today 270 (234) companies plus partners developing 330 (270) drugs targeting colorectal cancer in active development......" according to a "" article dated 2/8, entitled :"Research and Markets:Colorectal Cancer Drug Pipeline Update 2010...." which is basically a CD-ROM that I think researchers/corportations utilize....Still, they're saying there are 330 drugs this year (270 last year) being worked on to fight colorectal cancer......While we';ve only heard of the more common (5FU,Camptosar,Eloxatan,Avastin,Erbitux,) it seems perhaps there's quite a bit of hope to be had.........Steve


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    All I can say is WOW!!
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    My husband's onc. told him that there is a new drug for colon cancer that has been presented to the FDA for approval. So let us all hope it does get approved and help.