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Hello again everyone hope you are all having a great day.We go see his new medical oncologist on the 1oth.He is not seeing an ENT anymore because the last 3 said there is no more surgery to be done.But they do have him on this new chemo(erbitux).He started that on jan20 it,s 1 day a week for two weeks then 4 day,s in hospital for the chemo then back to 1 day a week for two week,s then hospital again for 4 days.This will go on till march 5th.Then they will do a pet scan an see what,s going on.I plan on talking to doctor on wed.He has always been able to speak for himself but now with all the pain med,s he does not know up from down.Is pretty much out of it most of the time.I,m not sure where he,s at in his treatment not sure how to explain that so will give you short run down .Had R neck dissection may 2009.Did round of chemo and radiation chemo mondays rad 5 days a week for a total of 8 chemo and 40 radiation ended last of scan done clean.then he felt new lumps on right side of neck.back to ent said maybe scar tissue wait and watch.lump got bigger.Biospsy done its back but really never was he is on the new chemo.also no longer anything by mouth not even water cause holes in back of with all the pain meds he,s really out of it.