Dog bit my Power Port

Kerry S
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We have a 6 month old Maltese pup. She was on my chest while I was laying down watching TV biting at my pipe lighter thru my shirt pocket. All of a sudden she found another “lump” to bite. She got her jaws around that damn Power Port and bit hard. Talk about hurt. Mine has been a strange journey.

I think they need a warning label for this.


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    Kerry, be sure to tell the
    Kerry, be sure to tell the lab person who accesses your port prior to your next infusion so they can make sure it's okay. A chemo buddy (now deceased) tripped and somehow moved his port so that the tubing was pulled loose. His chemo pumped into the area under the muscle/ skin.

    Guess this was a sign that smoking isn't good for you. ;- D
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    Funny but not
    I did have to like a pup to investigate anything new with its mouth.

    I know it could be a serious thing so make sure you give your doc a call if you notice anything 'different' in the area of the port, etc.

    Take care...and get that pup a chew toy which is not attached to you!

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    I had to laugh too. Add this
    I had to laugh too. Add this to the list of things you wish your Dr and nurses had warned you about. I bet that hurt. We also have a puppy, but she's way more interested in my colostomy bag than my port.
    I'm still jealous of your Kabota.
    Take Care