Special shampoo?

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I just had a coworker tell me about something called Ovation Cell Therapy. She hasn't tried it herself, but had heard it advertised on the local radio station down here. It supposedly helps regrow hair faster, and they were advertising it as something that might be useful to people who'd had hair loss due to chemo, which is why she told me about it.

I went on the website, and they have the "therapy" itself, plus shampoo and creme rinse. The "therapy" is very expensive, so it would be nice to hear from someone before trying it, even though they say it comes with a money back guarantee. Has anyone heard of this or tried it?


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    I did not do anything special
    to treat my after Chemo hair and cannot answer your specific question. I did not want any more chemicals in my body. I actually shaved my first after-Chemo white hair. My approach has been natural recovery and organic healing. I use natural baby products assuming that they have more safe. As alway it is a personal choice.
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