kombucha tea for health

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Has anyone tried kombucha tea? What about fasting? Do these antidotes help with someone fighting colorectal cancer? I've been taking a probotic powder that I got from my dr and that seems to help. My husbands gastro dr said to take Kefir ( in the yogart section of whole foods or trader joes) and mix it with DanActive yougart for a proboitic daily regimen. Anyone try this before?? Looking for ways to help with chemo side effects


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    I friend of mine (no cancer)
    I friend of mine (no cancer) brews kombucha tea and drinks it daily. I've been considering it. I drink Kefir smoothies every day. Yummy. My mom bakes these crazy healthy muffins for me all the time that have Kefir in them. Although we suspect that the baking process might be killing the Kefir before I can get it in me. I bet Emily can tell us about kombucha tea.