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Well, here it is almost 3yrs and three treatments later.

The first time was carbo and taxol for 8 months with a 1yr and 1month remission.

The second time was doxil/carbo/avasin for 6 months with a six-month remission. Now I'm
into day 11 of my third treatment of "etopocide" it is an oral form of chemo that I'm to take for the next 20days with a week of rest for 3 consecutive months.

Initially, the thought of another chemo treatment was disheartening but when I found out it was an oral med, I thought "anything is better at this junction than an infusion". I was still afraid to take it not knowing what side-effects to expect. This is supposed to be a very potent medication, however; the only initial side-effects was flu-like symptoms and nothing since. This medication costs $1,000.00 per 20 pills and I guess if I am not feeling ill, maybe it isn't effective? Even my wbc were in balance yesterday!

I ramble. My question; has anyone been on etopocide? What results did you yield? Were they the results you expected?

Anyone with answers would be a great help.



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    Hi Sharon,

    I didn't look back at when or how long I was on it, but I did take it. I remember it did hold my cancer back for several months. Not really much for side affects so was a nice break without a real break. Hugs ♥ Prayrs Bonnie