I Bet No One Ever Had This Reaction!

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I bet that no one has ever had the reaction to a breast infection while in the tissue expansion phase like I did three years ago.

Time is August 2006. Five weeks after my bilateral mastectomy, at which time the tissue expanders were inserted, I developed an infection in the good breast (the breast that did not have cancer) on the left side of my body. Unknown to me I was developing the infection - could not determine on Tuesday if I was having the chills as the occurrence of chills was very sporadic and only occurred on Tuesday. What did develop was a full day of my REAR END HURTING - ACHING - so much that when I got to work it was very uncomfortable for me to sit. So...the girls in the office went searching for everything and anything that could act as a pillow for me to sit on. All I could think about that day was going to Brookstone to buy a memory pillow for me to sit on. $350 for 2 memory pillows and pillow protectors was the price for my comfort. GUESS WHAT? My rear end stopped hurting the next day. Please note that my breast did not hurt or show any signs of infection By Friday, my breast was becoming firm and I was suspicious. Called plastic surgeon's office and spoke to nurse. When I told her that I thought I had some chills on Tuesday, she explained that I could not possibly have an infection. Saturday while taking my shower the infection shot out of my body, so I continued to press on breast to expel the fluid as I could see that the swelling of the breast was diminishing. I was so stupid about the infection - called the office - spoke to the doctor on call and told him. He did not tell me that I had the infection because I was feeling quite good and was calm, but he did tell me to see the plastic surgeon on Monday. Girls, I did not tell my husband what happened that day because he would have been a basket case. (I told him on Sunday.) We were having a block party on Saturday day, so I got dressed, went shopping, cooked 5 lbs. of fresh green beans, and attended the party. By 10:30 p.m. I decided that I should go in. Sunday I attended an art fair and walked for a number of hours.

Saw the plastic surgeon on Monday. He removed the tissue expander. He allowed me to talk - which was good for me.

Two weeks later, again I am not sure what is happening, though this time I am more alert. My chest was hurting and I was afraid of pneumonia so at 7:00 p.m. I went to the emergency room at the hospital in my town (not my hospital downtown). My chest was fine. My girlfriend was with me (husband was sick that day}. I jokingly told her that if my REAR END started aching, then I knew an infection in the breast was developing. By 11:30 p.m. my REAR END started to ache. To make a long story short, L left the hospital because that hospital wanted to admit me and put me on the floor with respiratory patients. I told them NO WAY WAS I GOING ON THAT FLOOR.

I left the hospital at 3:00 a.m., called my plastic surgeon's answering service, spoke to doctor on oall, and saw my plastic surgeon by 8:00 a.m. - downtown Chicago. I was in the beginning of an infection and was surprised to find out that the infection was occurring in the right breast. He removed the tissue expander. I also told him about my REAR END ACHING. He staid that I am not wired correctly.

The bottom line is that generally when people get an infection they continue to get worse. In my case, I started to feel bad - got better - then got worse. He said, "Janelle, you are not normal."

Naturally I see humor in the fact that my **** hurt and not my BREAST. I now refer to my REAR END as my geiger counter for impending infections in breast (or lack of breasts since I have implants). HA HA

Hope this gives you a laugh!



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    It gives a whole new meaning to "Not knowing which end is up!"
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    I love your story and I love
    I love your story and I love your sense of humor! I needed that laugh. Maybe you have screwy nerves?? I have heard of referred pain, but yours takes the cake!
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    You're right, I think you
    You're right, I think you must be the only one to have had that reaction. You are unique!!! Sorry you had to experience that - but thanks for the laugh.