Dad's feeding tube placement

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My dad will be having the "G" feeding tube placed today. They will also be removing the esophagus stent that has fallen into his stomach. Thankfully the weather isn't as bad as predicted so they can head to the hospital. I'm feeling nervous. I'll update when he's done and they are home safe and sound. Thanks for listening!!



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    your Dad
    Hi Erika,
    Will be praying for your Dad, please tell me his name again, my mind is mud!!! We are heading out in Baltimore too, they did an amazing job with the roads here down to blacktop even our side street in Middle River!!! Will be hoping everything goes a okay for your Dad, will have plenty of time to pray, getting my first chemo treatment since surgery this am. Boy your Dad's experience with the stent sure showed me, I was begging the dr for one and he said it would not work for me. Hope your Dad can get plenty of nutrition, if I did not have my j tube don't think they would even be able to do chemo, only thing stopping weight loss right now.
    Stay strong, you have been a wonderful support for your Mom and Dad.
    take care,
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    Good Luck to you and your dad
    Hi Erika,
    Glad to hear that dad is going for the feeding tube. We all know how much he needs it! Glad to also hear they are removing the stent. I am hoping the best for all of you that all goes well, and that dad has great success with his feeding tube. Keep us posted.