Long Term Radiation sickness- how long does it last?

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Hi everyone,

I am hoping for some answers... my fiance is 43, had Stage III Hodgkins under his arm and went through Radiation only. Because he was very healthy and muscular, they gave him heavy doses of radiation. He has been in remission for a year and few months and is still fatigued, very sick for days at a time and gets sick/vomits/dry-heaves after sex- every single time! Is it normal to still get exhausted after ANY type of strenuous activity? Does anyone else get sick after sex?

The doctors at Kaiser- don't even get me started- they think he's full of it, say that it's in his head and won't acknowledge his complaints. I'm sure they're doing it to cover their ****. Any feedback would be appreciated...


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    Radiation sickness
    I have been around here for a few years and this is completly new territory. Being tired or fatigued is something many of us deal with after cancer treatments. But usually a quick nap takes care of that and most days I don't even need that. I had chemo and 25 radiation treatments to my head and I don't have a problem with being overly tired after strenuous activity. I snowshoe, camp, sail and never have enough sex ect. I would start looking for issues reguarding scar tissus inside his body. Radaition burns many things up besides cancer cells. And depending on the type, amount, machine and the person running it there can be quite a difference. I have half a sinus that is scar tissue. And the radiation caused my spine to become brittle. Which caused my neck to go to crap and I ended up on disability. I think I would start looking at the lungs and throat for issues from scar tissue. A heart stress test would show how much oxygen his blood is picking up when he does heavy activity. Always remember we are not doctors here and its just our ideas and opinions. But side effects from cancer treatment are a big issue and many times its hard to find doctor, oncologist or anyone else that will take the time and do the tests to track a problem down. Best wishes. Slickwilly