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I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you and what you have been thru.I read your profile..or whatever it is called and it took me quite a while, but after what you have gone thru and the way you wrote it is absolutly amazing. You still have humor, wit, and told your story in an incredible way. You have been thru so much and you Survived. I learned alot from reading your story. I know you are right about having humor with the Dr's and Nurses as my Husband never complained or felt sorry for himself. He joked around with everyone not alway's but they do treat you better if you are not crabby/nasty even if you really feel like being that way...and someone with Cancer has a right to feel that way but humor and a positive attitide go a long way! Thank you for an amazing journal of your life since 2005. I truly enjoyed reading it!