Leukoplasts (?)

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Has anyone ever heard/dealt with leukoblasts/leukoplasts (?) on the underside of their tongue? I had one before I was diagnosed - it was a somewhat large, white, "blister" on the underside of my tongue. It didn't really hurt - but wouldn't go away. I thought it was an ulcer - but as I said - it didn't really hurt. My oncologist looked at it briefly while I was in the hospital and said it was a "leukoblast" - but he didn't elaborate at all. Now I have finished chemo as of a month ago - and I have a small one growing on the other underside of my tongue. Should I be concerned about this? I've tried doing some research - but I'm not having any luck. Maybe because I am not exactly sure of the name/spelling. Thanks, Lynne


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    Leukoplakia is adherent
    Leukoplakia is adherent white plaques or patches on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, including the tongue. If you google this you'll get more information