Chemo makes water taste gross

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I am on Adramyacin, Cysplatin, and Methotrexate for osteosarcoma, it makes all water taste really gross, any tricks to make it taste better so I drink more?


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    Chemo makes water taste gross
    Hi. I have been on all those drugs for chemo. I have found that if I take lemon juice and stevia and mix it in the water to make lemonaid it helps. I do remember though that I had mouth sores from Adria so that might not be good for you. I struggle with drinking too when I am on Ifosfamide chemo and do the lemonaid trick. When I was on Cysplatin, my mom would make iced tea out of constant comment tea. It was all I could drink. I would put stevia in with that too and tons of ice.
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    On chemo everything tastes
    On chemo everything tastes gross, unless it has tons of sugar.
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    lemon in the water
    I got thru it by squeezing a fresh lemon in my water & drinking out of glass (not plastic). The plastic taste was amplified on chemo!