Craig is a frigging train wreck!

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I saw your video. You must have won the lottery in a past life! Now things are catching up with you.


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    Train Keeps On Rollin'
    Hey John

    If I did "win" I must have slept and missed it :)

    One way or the other, I think my bill should be "paid in full."

    It is difficult to lose 10 straight years of your life to challenges and adversities - watching it play out on the TV news in 3 minutes or less, left me thinking Wow!

    I know my life has many "challenges" ahead - let's just hope they're spaced out a little more evenly - I've lost my 40's...I've got to make the 50's count in a big way if Lady Luck will ride with me :)

    "Friggin' Train Wreck" is a good analogy, John. Now, how do I get the conductor to stop this thing and let me off?

    Thanks for the post, John. Glad you liked the piece. I hope more people get to see it. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and respond - really appreciate it.

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    World According to Garp
    Ever see this Robin Williams movie with Glenn Close?

    So Garp and his wife are house hunting. A plane flies into the house while they're looking at it and Garp decides THIS is the house he wants because 'it's been pre-disastered'. Garp seems to be Craig-like, tho. Loads of disasters happen in this 'safe' house.

    Craig, you have met your disaster deductible, my friend! Time for only good things from now on!