Side effects of Flofox

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In August 2009, I was diagnoised with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Staring 2 treatments, but had to stop as rushed to hospital with abcess in rectal area and was gangrene. Rushed to Hospital of Univerisity in Phila. Spent 20 days and was released after they did a perianal debridement and colostomy. I was very sick. Since Oct 24, 09 till 1/20 was treated at home for my wound. Penn medicine nurses were awesome. Now going onto my next adventure with chemo tomorrow 1/25. Since I have lost weight they changed my dose. I am concerned with side effects. I have been to hell and back but after being in hospital have seen much worse. I am ready for my flofox. My tumor is 7.5 x 3.5 and mestastis to liver and a few spots on lung. I just need some input here. I am told my heart is strong and that is what saved me. I am trying to be strong but have been laying so much because of wound etc.

Thanks for listening. Fred


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    Fred- I'm on folfuri/5FU but
    Fred- I'm on folfuri/5FU but i just wanted to say I am so sorry for the horible ordeal you've been through. I've never heard of THAT type of side effect from any of the colon cancer chemos.

    Is there anyway they will maybe change your chemo meds to avoid this?
    Praying for your ability to ride out the side effects

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    Greetings Fred! A Socttish
    Greetings Fred! A Socttish boy, are we?

    Well, the name Fred is not one that was popular a lot during the 1970's- 1990's so I'm guessing you're close to my age? I have an Uncle Fred. :o)

    I'm 59 and went through all 12 FOLFOX treatments without many concerns. Now, I was 'perfectly healthy' when I began tx and my surgery was a breeze so I started out at a different spot than you.

    My onc lowered my dose after 3 txs and that's quite common. I read yesterday that oncs give a set amount based on what the average weight is for a person your age. I'm 5'2" and was 125lbs when I began FOLFOX.

    Hope everything goes really well for you from now on and God Bless,
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    Keep the faith
    Hi Fred,

    You have been through the mill, but it is wonderful that you started out strong and could overcome the sepsis. I don't have any startling advice for you, but you certainly can get a lower dosage. I went to a lower dosage after 6 treatments and that helped a lot. Certainly you should discuss this with your oncologist.

    Side effects vary by individual. There is a whole menu of side effects, but not everyone gets every one and each person may experience any side effect to a greater or lesser degree. Monitor yourself. Listen to your body--it will not lie. The main things to watch for are to STAY HYDRATED and KEEP UP YOUR NUTRITION! There may be times when you absolutely do not want to put anything in your mouth, but make yourself keep up with the water and nutrition. Staying hydrated will actually help you rebound from any side effects, as well as keeping your blood pressure where it should be. Keeping up with your nutrition will help by keeping your weight steady and supplying your body with the tools it needs to fight the cancer.

    Know that we are pulling for you. This is a wonderful place to come for advice, consolation and just plain fun while dealing with something that's not so much fun.

    Hugs and prayers,