skin problems with reconstruction

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I had bilateral mastectomy with expanders put in on Dec. 18th 2009. My plastic surgeon says that I need to have surgery again to remove the dead skin at the incision site. He will also have to remove some of the fluid in my expanders to give him extra skin to use to reclose the opening. I read where dot was going to have this done. How did it turn how? Anything I should know a head of time. Any helpful hints. How quickly did you heal up afterwards. I only have two more chemos left and this will put them off for a while. I was hoping to be finished with chemo by the end of Feb.



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    Hi Dianna. I had a
    Hi Dianna. I had a lumpectomy, so, I can't answer your questions. I hope that someone else here that had this happen will help you out. Good luck to you!