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Just a quick question for anyone. Currently near the end of my chemo for NHL and it seems that I am cold or chilled a lot. I do live in Minnesota but I always have,lol. Anyone else experience this? Thanks,


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    yup, cold all the time, a
    yup, cold all the time, a little better now that I've gained a few pounds, but I still use an electric blanket to keep warm when I'm watching tv or reading...I warm up the bed with one too for about an hour before i go to bed. Ahhhhh..what luxury
    ps: my pet pug can't stay away from me when I have the blanket on, just cuddles up next to my leg and snores away...if I get up..she's in my added comfort.
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    Hi Mary, I don't know if you saw my other post. The nurse told me to take tylenol 600 mg every 6 hours to get rid of the chills. I think that is excessive but I will do it for awhile. Joanie