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I just saw the Nova report 'Cancer Warrior' (2001) on the work of Dr Judah Folkman. His studies and perseverance found a molecule that prevented cancer cells from recruiting blood vessels (a process called angiogenesis) for food/survival. I accessed the research area of my college library and found a couple of older studies (pre-2005) that showed that the drug derived from Dr Folkman's work, endostatin, was effective in reducing and starving scc tumors.

Has anyone heard of any continuing studies with antiangiogenic drug modalities (with endostatin or other) or concomitant studies with chemoradiotherapy?

Update: I'm having the second (of 2) drain tube removed today which will allow me to SHOWER ALL BY MYSELF!!! I've really been protecting my neck and it's grown stiff so with the tube out I can do some greater range of motion PT. Final pathology on the tumor(s) removed last Friday is due next week and will determine what happens next (nothing, chemo, or radiochemo). the pain from swallowing is much less today and I've not taken any pain meds for 2 days. Everyone (Drs, friends, other survivors) say I should not be recovering so well so fast from such an invasive surgery. I guess I'm really motivated, LOL. I feel great and am looking forward to doing what I did before (guitar player/singer in rock band, in a Master's program, 2 young kids, etc.) in a very short time.

Again and forever, I feel very fortunate and grateful for each one of you here.




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    Glad your feeling so well
    Hi Mick

    You seem to be recovering with lighting speed. Don't overdo it now, it will only set you back. Still the sooner you get back to all those normal activities the more normal you will become. keep up the exercises and no I have never heard of the studies. Wonder why they stopped them?
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    A strong positive attitude produces a positive affect and helps the body to heal faster, sounds like it is working great for you
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    I am reading the book Anticancer, it has a chapter on Dr. Folkman's work. It is still being used to some level but they did find out that it was not as successful in humans as it was in mice but they do know that it does still have a connection to treating cancer. I REALLY recommend getting this book.

    My Best to You!