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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my progress. Well, the scan results weren't as great as we had hoped for, especially considering the last scans were pretty good. The good news is that there are no new tumors! It seems that 3 of the tumors have grown in size so that wasn't a good sign. As you know, I only have tumors left in my lungs, there was still no recurrance in the resected liver or rectum, which was another good sign. We are still hopeful that the surgeon can remove the remaining lung tumors but I don't have an appointment with her until the 2nd of February. In the meanwhile, I'll continue on the Folfiri...YUCK...for 3 more treatments. And we'll see if we have any better results. If both of those options fail...then I'm on to a clinical trial. But I have faith that it won't get to that. I'm sure this will work out for me. Anyway, be blessed you guys and thanks for thinking of me!



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    Sheri :)
    Well, nothing NEW is good, Sheri! And nothing showing up in "resected" areas are of course, wonderful news too!

    Like you, I get disappointed when things don't shrink or go away - I was so hoping that after my DaVinci adventure, that the robot could be used on you in your town. Or that some type of surgery would be approved to remove those tumors.

    You are strong and upbeat! I know you've got Faith, but I also know you a little Sheri - and I know you are concerned - who wouldn't be?

    That being said, your positivity is rubbin' off on me, so we wait for Feb2010 and see what happens. Thanks for the update - so glad to hear from you.

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    I'll be praying for that Feb. 2nd visit and for God to touch you during these next chemo tx's
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    I hope you have good results
    I hope you have good results with these next chemo treatments. I am glad there were no new tumours. Best of luck on Feb.2
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    Hi Sheri,I am sure your
    Hi Sheri,I am sure your great attitude will work everything out.Good luck with the rest of chemo and the appointment with the surgeon.
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    Well it sounds like the good news is no more tumors and that is encouraging. Hopefully they can figure out what to do with the lung mets. Good luck on your treatments.

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    Yes, keep the faith and hope alive. Keep fighting. Perhaps Cyberknife on the lung mets. I have heard it works great for that. Good news that there is nothing new though and you must look at the good in this mixed bag of results. Blessings.
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    Hi Sheri
    Mixed bag for you. Well, take the good news and run with it. Nothing new, that is good. It appears they are watching the lungs closely and your doctor is staying on top of that. As yucky as that chemo is, you do what you know you have to do and take the next 3 treatments. Wishing you well on your next scan. I know George and I take every bit of good news and celebrate it and give thanks for the blessing. I hate this disease because I know it can turn on a dime so girl, go celebrate the good and the rest will take care of itself. Tina
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    Hi Sheri
    Thanks for the update. I hope there is a good option for the lung mets.

    Rob; in Vancouver

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