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I went to the emergency room on Aug 25th for what was thought to be a problem with the appendix. A CT Scan showed a tumor on my left Kidney about the size of a golf ball. I don't need to explain to everyone on this board the million of thoughts that went through my head at once. They never did find out what was causing so much pain on my right side.

On August 27th I had a partial Nephrectomy as I have a previous condition with Renal Failure which was actually getting better. OK, the surgery sucked. I won’t go into details but the anesthesia after the operation was not administered correctly numbing the wrong side of my body. (Which is how I found that there is worse pain than a kidney stone...)

We got through that and I was admitted to the ICU where Turodal was administered. (Bad move by Doctor?)

Everything settled down and I was released 4 days later and back to work 3 weeks after that though still in pain but ya got to get paid!!!!

The first week of December found me back in the ER with Severe pain on my left side (Flank). A CT Scan showed the remains of the left Kidney were atrophying so I immediately made an appt. with the Urologist that did the operation. He ordered a Renal Scan which showed ZERO functionality on the left side. He later looked for a blockage to see if a stint was needed and there was no blockage. At this point he threw up his hands and told me it was up to my Nephrologists at that point who I have been seeing for several years for the previously mentioned Renal Failure.

So that is next week...

Meanwhile I am still suffering sharp pains on the left side, loss of appetite, a huge bump on the left side where the 14 inch scar is located. I am VERY tired all the time and frequently go to bed VERY early now where I used to be a night Owl before.

So When I see the nephrologists what questions should I ask?

Is the left Kidney salvageable?
Does the rest need to come out?
Will Scar tissue in the kidney cause me more pain?
Do I need to see an Oncologist?
How long until I feel like myself again?

I know these questions are rhetorical but I am going to ask the Dr. Does anyone else have any other ideas on what I should ask?

I am super paranoid as my kidneys were already somewhat jacked up even though it looks like the right one is picking up the slack. I am also paranoid about a reoccurrence on my remaining kidney, but that is something I probably share with everyone here.

I wish everyone the best and will send good thoughts to everyone. It looks like we are all facing or have faced some challenges in the past and some fear of the future. I am really encouraged by those who don't worry and hope to achieve that state.

Thanks for listening.


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    Sorry to hear about your confusing issues. I must say that it appears you know what kind of questions to ask. As more come to mind write them down and when you get to the appointment, hand a copy of the questions to the DR and make sure they get addresed.

    Good Luck