Has anyone done surgery in Asia, Australia, or Europe?

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This is an offshoot of my earlier post “How much does prostate surgery cost in the US?” I am a 52 year-old American working in Japan, just diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am trying to explore all of my options. I live in Asia and have insurance that will reimburse me anywhere in the world except in the US. I have not been able to find the surgeon that I want in Japan.

Has anybody had surgery done by, or do you know of, a surgeon outside of the US that has a good reputation and LOTS of experience doing either open or robotic assisted surgery?

Any suggestions or ideas about locating such a surgeon and arranging such a surgery would be more than welcome. Thanks. KJN

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    I had a successful operation in March 2010. It was for complete removal of the prostate gland. I was 64 years old. It was done using the Da Vinci robotic technology. My specialist was and is world class. I was able to use my private and public health cover to offset some of the cost but the robotic equipment cost was not in that allowance.

    I believe the procedure was Australian dollars 18,000 (US$17,200). The anaethsetist was A$2,000 (US$1910). The in hospital fees were completely covered. The operation and post op was undertaken in a private section of a much larger hospital.

    I have just enquired from my specialist Dr. P. Brenner. The last operation that he did on an overseas patient with no insurance cover was about A$35,000 (US$33,500). That included everything inc accomodation, all drugs and other consumables as well as anaethsetist.

    If you need to communicate please email pbrenner@stvincentshospital.com.au  and please mark your enquiry to the attention of Karen.


    I hope this is of help to either yourself or anyone. My experience was extremely good and the results outstanding. Dr. Brenner discussed all the options but, given my age and not having any more children the safest choice was the removal of the prostate gland. I am back to normal but of course an orgasm is now completely dry.


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    High Standards of Treatment in Japan



    I had open surgery in 2000 at the Toranomon Hospital. My surgeon was Dr. Hideki Komatsu (Director of Urology department at my time, who later was the urologist in charge of the PCa treatment of the present Emperor). He wrote a controversial book about the Japanese Health Care programme/system, and that made him famous and very "unwanted". He is now the Vice President of Kameda Medical Center, Advisor of Urology (Kameda Sogo Hospital in Japanese). This hospital is regarded as Excellent.

    Here are some links to him if interested;


    I do not know your health insurance requirements but the Japanese health Care would cover the expenses of treatment in the USA up to the amount charged in Japan which limit is set by the system. You would need detailed receipts with unit costs so that the Japanese HC organization could compare and verify any over priced item.

    In my experience, the costs in USA are identical to the Japanese, except that in USA they would charge much higher if go as a private patient, not through a kind of arranged system. The way to do it is by getting an estimate in an hospital/clinic in the USA and then submitting it for consideration at the Health Care department of your residence. They would tell what would not be included, if any. Generally the whole bill is paid/covered but one needs to pre arrange things as I commented.
    The care in Japan is high in standards, regarding facilities and doctors. The baddy of a treatment in Japan is the language barrier and the documentation that is all written in kangi. There are also more people per unit which made the time of a consultation shorten.

    The universities and hospitals are also partners of some groups in USA so that you would have access to the doctors in USA. In my case I was directly in contact with the two majors, Johns Hopkins and Sloan Kettering CC. In fact my case is still followed at those hospitals.

    Before deciding, you could/should get second opinions and that could be done at the USA hospital/physician of your choice. You should discuss the matter with the doctor assisting you so that he may provide you with copies/originals of the tests you done.

    Do things coordinately and timely. Your Gleason and PSA are not for an aggressive type of cancer. The clinical stage will be important in the decision of a treatment.

    Best wishes in your journey.

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