Oncologist Appt. Wednesday

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Hello Friends,

I know I have been a little quiet lately, Al isn't completely up and around yet. He is doing alot better!!!! We have decreased his pain meds to twice a day and really doesn't like taking the Morphine at all during the day. We go back to the Oncologist on Wednesday the 20th and while we are there he wants to talk to the pain Dr. to see about changing back to the Percodan.

I am praying that we will come home with a game plan about his chemo. I really, really, really, want to get started on it. I am getting nervous that there may be cancer cells moving around his body and I don't want them to settle down an move in for the duration, kinda
like the Mucinex Guy. We have to get it done anyway because of his mets to the back.

He has been a little depressed lately it's to be expected with all the meds, and all the time in the hospital. He still doesn't want to take anything for it. He hates taking drugs. I guess thats a good thing.

So thats whats going on. I will let you all know the verdict on Wednesday.

Thanks for letting me talk and for listening as always.

God Bless


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    Thank You my friend~!!!! I try to catch Joyce Meyer and Al will watch her early in the a.m when he is up before me. I also am a great fan of Dr. Charles Stanley. He has such a calming voice and I try to catch him when ever I can.

    No the driving situation his still on hold. My range of motions isn't where they would like it to be and right now I just can't do physical therapy.

    My neighbor is great!!! She calls me when ever she is going to do some errands and asks if I need anything or I go with her for a little break.

    We still have our ACS volunteers and things are just kind of falling into place.

    All things come in time.

    God Bless