26yr female peritoneal ca

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My name is shannon and I'm from kalamazoo, MI. I was diagnosed in June with stage 3c primary peritoneal ca, had a full hysterectomy and had 6 rounds of carbo/taxol.. just married and was hoping for children. I am considering adoption but should I wait a few years to make sure I've beat this? My last CT and PET scans were clear and I finished chemo in October... I know my odds aren't all that great, but I'm hoping with my age, faith, and determination I will beat this. Any other young survivors of this terrible disease?


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    Hello, this is weird i just signed up and clicked your name and you where from the same area as me. My name is is Nick and i am 28yrs old and was diagnosed with stage 4 Mediastinal germ cell tumor on Christmas morning of 2007. I was cancer free a year and then some nodules showed up on a routine ct scan and had two more surgeries in December and January, and i am cancer free again. I was told that my odds for children were not the best just because of all of the chemo, so i understand. I was going to ask you if you knew of any support groups in kalamazoo? Oh and by the way I live right in Richland and i went for my treatments to the kalamazoo oncology and hematology ran by Dr. Letzer. Keep your head up and "live Strong" as Lance would say.
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    Hey MInurse. I am from Michigan, and came across your post doing some researches of my own. I hope you are well, and you where able to achieve the dream of having children. Much love to you!