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I have had bladder cancer. I had my bladder replaced with the neobladder last February. I have been very happy with my new bladder. I have control during the day for the best part. I wear a pad just to be safe during the day and depends at night. I will get a little squirt when my new bladder is full and I am trying to hold it back if I pickup something or bend etc.. I have never had to catherize myself but I find I get a better void when I sit. I have not been able to use the urinal with much success. However I have had some problems with a small amount of BM when I push to urinate. Maybe I am pushing too hard.

I have not had a normal bowl movement since the operation. I get constipated for several days then I have diarrhea for several days and just about every time I sit to urinate a little BM comes and I feel that I am going to have a BM all day, every day. Has anyone else ever had a problem with BM's since getting the neobladder?


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    Neobladder & bm's

    I have had a neobladder for a couple years, although it's empty now due to kidney removal last year. I know managing BM's was difficult after the neobladder surgery. Are you on pain meds? Are you on laxatives or stool softeners? I experienced the "yo-yo" effect of getting constipated due to pain meds, then diarrhea due to laxatives/stool softeners.

    I believe I too found it easier to sit than to stand to urinate.

    I don't have any magic answer for you. Are you familiar with Kegel exercises? They were useful to me to help control neobladder flow. I believe the muscles involved in controlling the neobladder are not far from the muscles that control the anus. Maybe you could practice trying to pee without a BM?

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    I received a Neobladder on September 17 1997. Yes, that was over 12 years ago and I am very satisfied with the results. I did go through the BM problem and the diarrhea, and this all lasted for approx 2 years. I still sit down to urinate, but I have also used the regular urinals when when I am away from home. It took a while to learn how to use the urinals effectively. I still have to get up at least once every night. I have real good control both night and day. I have had a few accidents on occassion, but I found that if I go to the bathroom more often I can avoid the accidents.