I think it would be nice to coment on the best Ideals we came up with to help ourselfs through our

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Hi everyone.I think it would be nice to comment on what we think was the best things we did for ourselfs to deal with this beast of Breast Cancer.And we could help someone out.Mine is finding this sight of course.I love the ideal that I started a Journal.When I am having a hard day I can go back and look at how far I have come.Also when I went for radiation ,I had a total of 80-90 miles 5 days a week.I was lucky enough to have 5 different ones that would take me.Mon. my son drove,tues. my sister,wed,my best friend,Thurs.my husband and Friday my daughter.That way it wasn,t hard on any one person.This sight is such a wonderful web sight to have.everyone care,s and is so good to help with what ever we are going through at the time.And I have to mention Prayer,many times I prayed for strengh to get me through it.I hope these ideals helps someone.Love and Prayers.(Pat).


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    My husband and I had just
    My husband and I had just moved 5 months before diagnosed to a new state so had no long term friends or family. Our sons were in their thirties and we left them behind also. I just took one day at a time. Before treatment day I'd pray for an angel to be with me. Otherwise I wouldn't have made it. I didn't know about this site and was too sick to find a local support group. Actually as large as my tumors were and it was aggressive grade 3, I didn't think I would survive 5 years but here I am. Diagnosed in 2003.
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    Great Idea, Pat!
    One thing I did was keep a journal. I wanted to be able to look back and see what I had gone through and be thankful for where I am at some point in the future. For some reason it is important to me to remember all the details.
    Joining this site was something I am very glad that I did for myself. Whenever I have felt alone I have come here. Whenever I have had concerns or fears I have come here. Many times just reading older posts when I was first diagnosed. This site was the best thing I could have done for myself.
    After my third chemo treatment my husband took me on a road trip from Phoenix all the way up to Sonoma, California. We made stops along the way and it was so beautiful and relaxing!
    What a great gift that was for me!