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Chris will have the last of his 12 treatments the first week in March. If his scans are clear how often will he have to do blood work and scans to make sure its not returning?



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    HI Mel and Chris
    Since Chris had blood clots and several other problems, his schedule might be different.

    I'm also Stage III colon and my first CT will actually be 15 months after surgery (late March) and yearly after that. I had a CT pre surgery and again when I was a possible candidate for the Erbitux trial (late Feb.) and numerous ultrasounds for gall bladder problems. I also had a liver biopsy at my original surgery (while we're there... might as well) and the surgeon checked my liver and took photos of front and back during my gall bladder surgery 3 1/2 months after my colon surgery. I think that is what threw me to 15 months instead of one year post. I have 6 glossy 5 X 7"s of my liver.

    I'm having blood tests with a CEA every four months. From a link off colon club, a yearly CT and quarterly blood tests is the recommended schedule for Stage III.

    However, lots of people have other schedules. I know rectal is different from colon. Again, since Chris had blood clots and his bowel burst after his resection, it might be different for him.

    Glad he's nearing the end! Hope he's feeling okay.

    Hugs to you both,