inoperable brain tumor.

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my husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor grade III in oct. he has never had ANY health problems in his 50 yrs. the only symptom he had was loss of balance. he has had 25 radiation treatments and will undergo 5 cyberknife treatments jan 18-22. since the radiation treatments and all of that decadron he is so weak and he cannot remember anything, or do simple tasks like using the tv remote. he is also having problems swallowing. i have had to take a leave from work because he cannot take care of himself. the cyberknife seems like a God send. We have great faith in the Lord to heal him. does anyone else have a story like this to tell me. i need much encouragement.


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    right there with you.
    i'm sure the problems swallowing are from the radiation. my husband had that problem too. it's like they burned his insides! plus, he had REALLY bad thrush, which is common, they told us. but it has gotten much better now, and he's eating like a champ. we are two months out from radiation. the fatigue was (and still is) an issue for him too. but i just let him nap for an hour or so when he starts really dragging. it might happen a couple of times a day.
    it seems like we have some pretty similar issues, except that my husband has had surgeries. it seems like we are just a little further along in treatment than you are.
    i'm sure there will be improvements. we have seen some already... it's just slow going sometimes. there's an ebb and flow, too.
    i am also home as a full time caregiver. if you have any questions, we're around to ask.
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    what is cyberknife? My husband was just diagnosed with a Grade 4 glioblastoma multiform on his brain stem (not operable).