Got a 'note' from Kimby

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Kimby has openly posted this and other info on her Facebook page so I feel it's okay to share.

"Sorry Diane, tonight is the first time I've been on Facebook in forever! I haven't been keeping up with email even. I am doing better. The last 4 months have been the worst and scariest of my life. My faith is strong but my will is week. I was prepared to stop all treatment forever....not a good place to be. I also got a lovely birthday card from you! Thank you so much. It's nice to know that people care. A reminder of how wonderful life can be. Thank you.

In another post she mentions being in the hospital and 'losing' two months out of the last four. In each reply, she says her will is week.

She should be receiving the birthday cards sent to me to forward in the next day or so. Her birthday is in a week and a half.


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    Thanks for
    Thanks for sharing,Diane.Hopefully she will get a fully recovery soon.
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    Kimby :)
    Kimby has always been so strong and forceful and a never say die attitude!

    So, to hear her say that she was done with treatment and was feeling very weak resonates with me...I remember ONE time where I was going to let it go, but did not.

    What this tells me if that no matter how tough we are there is always a point in our journey where we are asking ourselves if we have had enough.

    I know Jenny and I talked about her during her visit and we were worried about her - things sounded very sad - she's so upbeat so when you see a strong one take a good lick, it causes you to ponder...

    Kimby posted one time to one of my posts, but I've not had the pleasure in getting to know her - I know there are many of you close to Diane if you talk to her, please send her my love and best wishes - and I hope to hear things are going to go better.

    I just hate this stuff and all that it does to our bodies, our minds, our psyche, and our spirits and those of our Caregivers.

    Kimby - please get well soon - As you told me in that post, "When you are going through Hell, hit the gas, don't stop!"

    I searched and found your post, Kimby - 'cause it was dear to me then and it is now.

    Here it is for you: ((KIMBY))

    August 17, 2009 - 11:34am
    I'm so sorry for your news. I hear the weariness in your words. I understand it all too well. But, you are strong and determined. You can do this, and this time you have all of us, too. Keep going. When you're going through hell, hit the gas! Don't stop now!


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    All my love and healing thoughts to you, Darlin'
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    Thanks so much Diane for letting us know. I miss Kimby so much. She is such a help! Hope she will come back on board soon.

    If you read this Kimby please keep the faith and it will make your will stronger. Miss you.