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I had surgery end of october, had a full hyster and the massive growth I had was also removed. have endometrial stage 3. The doctor said I will need three chemo treatments than radiation and than 3 more chemo. I just did my 2nd chemo. The problem or question I am having is this the radiation, it was originally to be external for 5 weeks now the radiation doctor is saying I should also have internal. I do not want the internal. So I am looking for any help or information from anyone that has had the internal or also anyone that decided not to have it. I know it is totally up to me as this is my body, I am just afraid that if I dont have it than something will happen. I know that is silly but I can not help feeling that way. Like I said I really dont want to have. I have heard about side effects that are not good and that do not go away. Help please
Thank you


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    Explain in deatails

    Could you please tell me which uterine cancer you have and what was grade and it was in your lymph nodes.Please write your pathology report in details.

    Hope someone from us will help you more.

    You are in my prayers.

    ThanKs Kumar
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    I can't help you out with the radiation information, as I've not had it, but there are many here that have. I would like to say to you that there is not a single feeling that you are having or will have that is "silly". Trying to make decisions to do or not do something that may or may not help/hurt can be confusing and draining and downright scary. You're right, the final decision in your treatment is yours alone, but you, yourself, are not alone. You've got us now. So ask away, share your feelings and know that you are with friends here.

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    Trish I did have internal radiation
    I had 28 external radiation treatments. After those treatments I was hospitalized and had the internal radiation for 28 hours. I know many others had their internal radiation (brachytherapy) as out patients and went several times for these treatments. I understand your anxiety about the radiation therapy. I am sure everyone is anxious about it.

    I had no significant side effects from the radiation therapy. I finished my radiation therapy in May 2009. I had some nausea from the radiation therapy which lasted for several weeks after the treatment was completed. I never had nausea from the chemo. I had the sandwich treatment like you are getting - 3 chemo, radiation, and then 3 more chemo.

    The reason they recommend the internal radiation is because the vaginal cuff is the site of many reoccurrences. The internal radiation targets this area. Good luck with your decision. You will have time to hear from others who have had internal radiaiotn and then make your decision. In peace and caring.
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    Trish- Radiation
    Hello Trish :)

    I am in week 6 of my External Radiation. I have been hanging in but the abdominal side effects have been brutal for me. Tomorrow I start a round of 7 treatments up from the abdomen/pelvic region and onto the diaphragm area. Not sure what those side effects will be, but hopefully my stomach will return to normal soon.

    After those 7 treatments, I have 4 Brachytherapy treatments scheduled. I am not looking forward to them, but since I have been following the orders thus far, I am proceeding.

    I too hope I can be one of the lucky ones who will have minimal side effects.

    Hang in!

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    Internal radiation
    I was dx with adenocarcinoma of the uterus with mets to the cervix in Sept 2009 Completed 4 weekly chemos and 25 external radiation tx's before my complete hysterectomy in Dec. Recent MD visit I was informed that the pathologist found another tumor on the back of the cervix so I am being referred to another radioligist for possible internal radiation. I used to work as a nurse on a med-surg floor where we had women who were admitted over nite for observation for internal radiation. None of them ever complained of pain. I am told it's usually done outpatient these days and a sedative is given prior to the treatment. I was also told the symptoms are much lighter than the repeated external treatments. I hope the best for you and hopefully this will help.
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    Hi Trish:

    In 2006 I had three bracytherapy treatments. The first appointment is just to get you fitted. The actual procedure really only took 10 minutes. You don't feel anything. The long term effects is scarring. They will prescribe a dialator. I was not a canditate for pelvic radiation due to my significant scarring from ednomestriosis. I hope this helps.