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Whos doc does tumor marker tests and what have your results been?

Mine does one about once a month - when I was diagnosed in March 09 my tumor markers were 77, went to a low of 17 this summer and on Dec 28th they jumped back up to 42. I am concerned but trying to be positive. Having a pet scan and bone scan next week and meet with my onc on the 25th for the results.

yall let me know your scores :) please

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    I'm still in chemo so havent
    I'm still in chemo so havent had them yet. I'm sure someone will respond.
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    I guess they don't do tumor markers for DCIS, my dx.
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    crselby said:

    I guess they don't do tumor markers for DCIS, my dx.

    Hi Libby! My oncologist
    Hi Libby! My oncologist doesn't do tumor markers. I know some do and some don't. He feels they are unreliable. Just his opinion.

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    I don't take the same meds you do, but I have had titanium markers implanted. They're not checking them regularly. Had them implanted before chemo and they're gonna check progress after with another mri. hopefully we'll see if tumor has shrunk!!