ependymoma at 6yrs and isnow 19yrs old..

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my son was diagnosed with an ependymoma on the brain stem in 1997 at the age of 6 he is now 19.Doctors told me that he would live 6 mths with or without treatment. He is still here.He has a shunt in his head.Shunt has been in his head now for 10 yrs he is doing fine but has a few probs.He has double vision and has had that since his surgery there is nothing that can be done about that he gets headaches all the time and is very moody he doesnt want to go out of the house he can get very lethargic.I feel he has aquired brain injury from radition therpy but we will deal with that cause he is alive the radition saved his life. He had a check up dec 09 and he is still in remission so we arevery happy.He is an inpiration to everyone and he brings hope to the newly diagnosed children andadults.I just wanted to let everyone know that you are not alone and just fight as much as you can to live.Parents of little ones that have been diagnosed i know what you are going through and my heart is with you dont give up fight to do as much as possible for you child tell them everything that they are going through talk about death with them being open with your child helpsyou and your child dontever doubt a childin pain go with your gut feeling and research and question doctors as much as you can get in contact with organisation and support groups for cancer they are a great help.Itisnotjustthechild going through this it is parents and sibling to. If you have a question dont heisitate to ask me..