Power of Positive Thinking

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Good Morning Y'all:

Thank you all for the great comments and prayers regarding our minor setback in my husbands battle with this animal. I truly believe in the power of prayer and that God only wants the best for us. I know our future is in God's hands and I will allow him to fight the battle for us. However, we can choose to think positive and to enjoy each and everyday that we have with each other. I will not let evil invade my thoughts and emotions and steal my JOY. My husband and I had a wonderful weekend and we will continue to live in Joy every single day. I appreciate all the prayers and know God is working on a plan for us. (All of us) Keep the Faith! Donna

I do believe in Miracles, and am waiting for mine now!


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    Hi Donna
    I too believe with all my heart in the power of prayer and will continue to keep you both before our Lord this is my promise to you. I have seen many Miracles in my life that others call coincident or good luck, but I don’t believe in luck I believe in God. I live in his work shop because that is where my savoir livers too. God Bless and keep you both.