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July 2007 I had a colon tumor removed. It had not perforated the colon. I had a resection followed by chemo. A PET scan in May of 2009 showed a "spot on the outside of my colon where it had been re sectioned. It was to small to place a marker and all biopsy came back negative.

A follow up PET scan in Nov of 2009 showed spots in my lungs ( the largest being 1/2 inch. The "spot on my colon had enlarged by 3mm. My Oncologist gives me 6 months to a year to live without treatment. He says at this point the "spot" on my colon wouldn't be removed unless it causes me discomfort. He is recommending a treatment of 5FU, Leucovorin, Avast in, and Irinotecan for an indefinite period of time. The side effects I looked up sound grim.

Has anyone had this combo and what was your experience?



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    Me Too
    That is the same treatment I have to start next week for my liver tumors...Everyone reacts differently to meds so don't put to much stock in what they say about side effects...Wait and see what happens....The doc also can give you meds to reduce the side effects they worked very well for me when I had chemo for my colon cancer...JULIE
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    I am on this treatment -
    I am on this treatment - folfiri + avastin (5FU,irinotecan + leucovorin = folfiri). I have had 7 treatments so far. I had a scan after 4 treatments + had terrific results - the cancer in the colon was not detectable ( have not had surgery yet)! and 3 of my 4 liver spots had shrunken (the 4th did not grow). I find I am very tired after I am disconnected + for a few days after. I have experienced quite a bit of hair loss but it is worth it if it is working! A home nurse that came to my house last week said she has seen a lot of success with avastin. I wish you both the best of luck!