Update-half way point of adjuvant chemo

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Hi dear all.I would like to give my semi-colon family an update about us.

Today is my husband's 6 round of adjuvant chemo,he is at the half way point,so we can start countdown now.Since the oxi created the neuropathy on my husband's fingers,the oncologist decided to skip it at round 5 and round 6 in order to let his fingers recuperate,but I believe in a certain point,he will put my husband back on the whole cocktail.So far,my husband is doing ok.On the week of chemo,he suffers some discomforts,but not terribly bad,and he can recover at the end of week(he always starts chemo either on Mon or Tue).On the week without chemo,he goes to work and I always follow him just for making sure he is ok and he is not exerting himself.Fighting against cancer and working on a job at the same time is not an easy thing,but we are doing our best to keep everything ok.

This afternoon,we also went to see the surgeon for the follow up.The surgeon says everything heals very nicely.My husband's stoma area is pushing up a little bit,I was worried if my husband is developing a hernia.The surgeon checked and says he doesn't think it is hernia,it is just the muscle pushing up a little bit after the surgery.The surgeon also says my husband really heals very nicely from the surgery and he is in good shape.

As you know,we started from being freaking out by the diagnosis,until today,we really made a big step.Thank you very much for listening.Thank you so very much for the friendship,support and prayers from all of you.I hope everybody have a happy and healthy 2010.


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    I'm so glad that he's
    I'm so glad that he's tolerating his chemo pretty well. I've heard nasty stuff about the Oxi. I start my chemo sometime this month. Appt. with my onc next Monday. I'm hoping and praying that I can continue to work while I'm receiving. I only work 2 days a week as it is and I work on a non-infectious floor. :) It's posts like this that gives me encouragement.
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    Time is Passing
    I remember when you first came on here and said he had cancer and that seems so long ago. Yes you are right you can now start counting down and looking forward to the last chemo. I'm glad your hubby is doing and tolerating it ok. You are a great support for your husband and the board.

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    Good to hear
    Sounds like things are going well. I'm glad to hear that! Keep us posted, and you will remain in my prayers.

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    Glad to hear it!
    It's great he's doing so well so far! I was hoping my doc would give me a break from my oxi. Passed his test, just reduced dosage 20%, crap! Halfway home, gotta love it!

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    Lots of thanks to
    Lots of thanks to Holly,Kim,Gail and DJ for your post.I really appreciate.
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    Sorry I'm Late :)
    Hi FFML

    I'm sorry I'm late to your post, I must have missed this one somehow and am glad I saw it today.

    That is really exciting news for you and your husband to start 2010! I know how difficult it is to work and go through chemo - I have done that all through my treatments too, so it is not an easy road, but your husband sounds like a tough guy and I am glad he is able to do that and this company is supportive of him and will work with him.

    I've enjoyed our chats over these past months - and I remember when I first met you and reached out to you - seems so short and like a "lifetime" ago, all in the same sentence, doesn't it.

    It's been amazing to see how you have grown through this experience - and the thing I really like about YOU is your toughness too. I can remember in our PMs about how you would reveal something that scared you or made you cry and in the next sentence, you would say something, "crying does not help, I must be strong." And YOU are that!

    I'm so proud of you, proud to know you and proud to call you a friend and a U.S. Citizen - this country needs more good people like you.

    I look forward to meeting you and hubby one day when things are better for you.

    For now - take care and you are always on my mind - best to hubby.

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    How wonderful for you both!
    Yes, you're right, you've come a long way, and our an inspiration and informative source for many here. Congrats on reaching the half way point!

    very best wishes, Leslie