Newly diagnosed at 49

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I'm a fit and healthy 49 year old and was just diagnosed with prostate cancer in 10/2009. In 2007 I had a psa of 3.5 and a biopsy which then showed 1 HGP now my psa is 5.3 and the second biopsy found 4 of 12 cores involving 5-15% and a Gleason score of 6. I am scheduled for RP on February 3rd. I am worried about the chance of recurrence. I would like to hear from people who are now older and were in the same situation at my age.


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    Newly Diagnosed at 49
    Hi ljimenez,

    I too, was diagnosed at 49 in June 2005. Like you, I am fit and otherwise healthy. Upon initial biopsy, I had Gleason 6, with 2 out of 10 core samples positive and a PSA of 4.1 ng/ml. I had a DaVinci Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy in August 2005. The pathology report revealed my Gleason was actually a 7 (3+4). My PSA remained undetectable (< 0.1 ng/ml) until 4 years post surgery. In late July 2009, my PSA was 0.1, then 3 months later (late Oct. 2009) it was 0.2. The doc had me take a Total and Free PSA about a week later and the total went back to 0.1 (free was undetectable, understandably so at that low of a total PSA). I have to go back in a couple of weeks for my next 3-month evaluation.

    Keep the faith...
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    aureon lab
    There is a molecular test that takes samples from your parafin blocks, looks for aggressive tumors and analzes the results along with other basic factors such as gleason , no of cores, etc, etc; statistially compares your results to appr 1000 men, who have had treatment, and tell you the risk of disease progression within in eight years of radical prostatectomy.

    This test is ok, however the shortcoming is that tha there is a sensitivity of 75% and a specificiy of 64%. what this means is thqt among 100 bad tumors, they only can identify 75 of them and among `100 good tumors they identify them as bad in 36.

    Currently under evaluation for future disease progression is the mri/mrs which may wind up showing a higher predictor for future recurrance.

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    Hi Ijimenez..First could you
    Hi Ijimenez..First could you tell me what RP stands for..I'm 61 now but was diagnosed in late 2007 with a cleason9..As far as recurrence it depends how far it got..Are you going to have it removed? once they do that you will no if it jumped into the lymp nodes,if it jumped that sucks because who knows when but it will come back,however,don't freak out,I've talked to many guys who had it jump out and between 14 & 20 years later there talking to me,see what i mean..for now stay calm,your not going anywhere soon.let me here from you,Ian
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    Proton Treatment
    Not much is said about proton treatment for prostate cancer, but you would be doing yourself a big disservice if you did not look into proton therapy. Look up Loma Linda University Proton Dept and request their free book and video. There are 4 or 5 other proton treatment centers in the US- please- give it an honest look before deciding for surgery.

    Consider the benefits:

    No surgery
    No incontinency
    Sexual function left intact
    Great cure rate
    No recovery period needed