Great news!

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Looks like bills can get paid! I think my work is finally caving in on the whole tele-work thing. Gotta love corporations! Amazing what a hint of EEOC action will do to get some people of their cans and do something. I don't think they willing to categorize me as disabled though, so still probably have to file the complaint. I wouldn't wish chemo upon anyone, but if they went through it, they would relize just how debilating it is. If anyone else has issues with their employer, I suggest going to EEOC's website. It spells out cancer and chemo specifically as a disability, even if your in remission(there's always a chance of reoccurance.) Also, explains what reasonable accommodations they must make for you. Don't take it lying down, unless it's your chemo week! Haha.



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    That sounds real good. Fortunatley my work has been very fair with me. During the hight of my chemo I was only able to get to work around 60% of the time. It sounds like you finally made them realize. Good for you and thaks for the info. PS there is also a patient advocacy group that I was hooked up with through the armstrong foundation. I believe they also help in such matters. God Bless
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    That's great! I hope things continue to go well.

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    Good for You
    That's what we like to hear. Most employers are pretty good about cancer and chemo and serious illness (George's employer was really great and mine were angels and I don't have the cancer, paid me for all my time off with George and said don't worry about using vacation, if you are not here we will know why and I always got a full paycheck, they were truly wonderful to me) but some, you would like to string them up. Good job. Tina
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    I'm so happy to hear that hint of EEOC has worked. Got to try anything you can these days.