Helpful Advice on Eating

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To the newly diagnosed.... I wish that someone had given me and my family this book before cancer surgery, or even before chemo It has been very, very helpful. I highly recommend it no matter what stage of cancer or what part of treatment you are in. It is not a recipe book but a serious publication on the various types of eating problems people run into along the cancer journey and helpful suggestions for overcoming them. It's not meant to be read cover to cover but is arranged in sections for types of eating problems with explanations for why and suggestions for overcoming -- you can just flip to whatever section would be helpful at a given moment.

It's a free book too.

Title: Eating Hints Before, During and After Cancer Treatment
Published: new printing, Sept. 2009
Publisher: National Cancer Institute, US Dept of Health and Human Services
NIH Publication No. 09-2079
Request free copies at 1-800-CANCER or