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I've been diagnosed with a chondrosarcoma which is located at the bottom of my right vocal cord. I'm scheduled for surgery at University of Michigan Hospital on 1/19/10. It's been definitely a life changing diagnosis. I'm an Inside Sales Rep for a Steel company and love my job and customers and if they do a total laryngectomy I will then have to learn to speak again. I'll never have the same voice. But, at this time I'm just praying for life and living through all of this an being cancer free hopefully after surgery. Being a bone, cartilage based cancer I know its in my blood stream too. Very scary.

Any help or suggestions and what any of you've done to help your spouse and family through this too will be greatly appreciated. I lost my son last January so 2009 was a bad year. I'm definitely looking for a brighter 2010.



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    Hi Sherry

    Sorry to hear the news about your Cancer, but you are in the right place for help. There are a lot of us with all different types of Cancer here on CSN and we do try to support each other. Prayer is one of the best helps I know of so I will be praying for you.

    Take care and may God watch over you.