Drains are History!

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Whew! Finally got my 2 drains out yesterday after 15 days and the shower was nice this morning! I actually feel so much better without them. I did sort of hate the little sting when they came out...Oh and I was not for-warned of how the expander is filled-it was the biggest needle I have ever seen, lucky I only felt a little pressure! And, I take it my left arm will be numb with pain for a while, but I can wrap my own hair now. Next week I will be referred to an Oncologist. I hope my treatment plan isn't so painful.
-Happy New Year ALL!


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    Great start
    into the new year. One down! Here's to many enjoyable showers.

    Happy New Year!

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    So glad to hear the drains
    So glad to hear the drains are out... I agree ... I didn't like the feel of them being removed either... but the shower... oh yes... I remember my first shower after having the tube removed... how refreshing... here's to enjoying your shower.

    Gentle hugs,