Topotecan effectiveness on Small Cell lung cancer met to kidneys?

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I posted in the Lung group and it was suggested I post here as well.
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Mom (age 76)was diagnosed in April 2009 with Small Cell Lung Cancer. She underwent first round of treatment of Cisplatin & Etoposide and radiation. The cancer met to brain and she underwent targeted radiation that concluded in July. September's scan showed no signs of cancer. December's followup scan shows that she now has 5 tumors on her kidneys. The doctor didn't advise biopsy as he felt confident that it was a met of the SMLC. He has suggested Topotecan to begin next week. Mom is hesitant especially as she is not currently experiencing any symptoms from the kidneys. The Onco says prognosis is 3-6 months without, 6-12 months with treatment, neither of which is very encouraging.

When I search the boards for Topotecan, I don't see many recent posts. Is this "old school"? Should we be more aggressively seeking alternatives? Does anyone have experience with Topotecan use on kidney tumors? What quality of life can we "expect" after treatment if successful? The Onco says that this chemo should be tolerated better than the Cisplatin & Etoposide, with fewer side effects. Any comments on that supposition? If she "opts out", how aggressive is small cell cancer met'd to the kidneys? How does one prepare to be of help? What other questions should we be asking?

Thanks for any and all comments, suggestions, prayers!
Have a happy & healthy New Year!