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I just finished taxol in November. Still doing Herceptin every 3 weeks. Not on Tamoxifen yet. For the last month or so my legs hurt so bad at night. Even pain meds have not helped all that much. Pain can be in both legs or just one leg or calf. I have taken hot baths, which helps a little bit. Sometimes when I am even sitting here on the computer they start to hurt and then I have problems standing up. It seems to happen mostly when I relax. Its not restless legs, I have that to from time to time. Anyone have a cure for this.Thanks


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    I just finished surgery so yours probably isn't the same thing but... I started having pain in my leg about 1 1/2 weeks after surgery. It started out with a pain when I woke up one morning. I thought it was a charlie horse. As the days went on it only got worse. I tried a heating pad, warm baths and muscle relaxers. Nothing really worked. Finally on Christmas eve about 9:oopm my hubby saw me with the heating pad again and asked why I had it on. I replied that my calf still hurt. He asked me if I ever thought that it might be a blood clot. I was stunned and then scared. It just kept getting worse to the point that the pain killersween't really halping anymore. Finally on Saturday - 4 days later - I called the Dr. and went to the ER. Guess my hubby was right for once. It is a blood clot and I am now on blood thinners for 6 months! I hope and pray that this isn't your case but just thought I's let you know what happened with me. Happy New Year.
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    I have been gone and now back, just saw your post. when I finished chemo, which was for six months, and just before surgery, my legs started hurting, and it was always in the evening. The pain would get so sever that twice my daughter took me to the emergenc room. My oncologist and family doctor did not know what to do. I almost felt like they didnt' believe me. Finaly my doctor referred me to a pain doctor. When I met her I felt like I was running into my mothers arms, I am 58, and felt like a kid. She prescribed me heavy duty pain pills. That was the only thing that worked. Its been almost a year and I am still on them. Each month I reduce them by 10mg. My legs were so weak I couldnt' walk hardly, fell alot, had to get a walker, then graduated to a cane. My pain doctor referred me to a neurologist, He told me that this happens to 1 out of a 100, chemo destroyed my nerve endings, nerve damage is real slow to heal, in my case, it was both legs, top to bottom he said it would take up to two years to heal and then we will not know how much will return. Each month I do get a little better, the stronger I get the pain lessens. My pain doctor put me on another pain releiver cant remember what it was but it didnt' have any narcotice in it, that hurt my joints and hands so bad I couldnt' use them. I am on oxicotin, one at night, they are time released, then throughout the day I take six percocets. I am getting better. The pain I had was and is horrible, its like a deep burning feeling. When I take a pain pill my dr said to drink coffee or someting with caffeine in it, it helps to speed the process and it does. How are you doing now, did you get some answers or help from your doctor? I am thinking about you, keep me posted. Mary
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    I have a lot of pain in my legs calf and knees going to see the doctor on Friday, I will be sure to tell him about the pain i thought it was a part of chemo.It is so cold here to day my back has been hurting also.I have pain meds but don't like taking them they make me sleep.