18 year old with APML, advice from others with it please...

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So I was diagnosed december 31, 2008 with leukemia APML, and as of June 6, 2009 i was in full remission. I have had a few problems after that I wanted to know if anyone else did. I have been having times where I get really really angry and just about anything sets me off, afterwards i feel kind of depressed and I cant find anything that seems to help. Is this normal for me to go through? Recently, I had to go to the hospital due to massive migraines, I had to get a CT scan and they had to do a spinal tap ( third or fourth one i have had) to get rid of spinal fluid that built up. They removed approximatly 56 ml of spinal fluid... anyone else have to go through this, and what helped with headaches?
Thank you very much!


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    I noticed that you did not
    I noticed that you did not have a reply to your question in December. If you contact The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society they should be able to match you with someone with similar experience after the same type of treatment. www.lls.org
    Anger and other symptoms of depression are normal reactions but you don't have to live with it. Seek counseling and consider joining a support group. You may have a blood cancer specific support group in your area. LLS can give you this information as well.

    Take care of yourself!
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    APML here too
    Hi, I had APML when i was 16 (2000). I too had no complications. I had chemo and a ton of bone marrow biopsies. I have since been clear of it. I never had headaches or spinal taps like you mentioned but I did notice that i was more labile since my experience. I dont know if it was the drugs that made me more emotional or just the whole experience of going through it. Sorry this doesn't offer much more info, but hopefully it gives you solace that there is someone else that had the same thing?? According to my doc, APML is the rarist for of all the AML's.