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Thanks for your comments and support. The oncologist, Dr. Rodriguez, at Cleveland gave us some hope! The tumor is into the wall and they think it has spread to only a few lymph nodes, however, she stated that Dan could have radiation since it has not spread further. The next step is to have a Pet scan. If he would have chemo, it would definitely damage his kidney and he would be on dialysis for life. We still do not know the stage, probably 3. He can also get his treatment here in Wheeling. This is good news, as all our family is here and is very supportive. It is great to have this discussion board where I can talk and get support from otheres who have walked in my shoes.


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    what ever you do don't give up Jeff was a 2 and not in lymph nodes, he took Chemo and they watched him very carefully, You have to hope for the best, and know we at CSN is your family we vent, cry, laugh, try to give advice and hopefully be there for each other, I know its not an easy road, but remember we are all there in some shape or form so pull up your big girl panties and keep your faith. THere is light at the end of the tunnel.

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