is breast swelling normal

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I had the lumpectomy November 18, 2009 and at that time they removed 12 lymph glands, with only one being positive. But now I'm concerned about the swelling in my breast.. Is that normal? I will be starting chemo Jan.7 2010.. The chemo Dr. told me today that the swelling is probably from the surgery and scar tissue. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?


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    Call your beast surgeon
    or surgeon who did lymph notes removal today or tomorrow. Try to see this surgeon before the start of your Chemo.
    It could be early signs of lymphedema, inflammation or nothing.
    Good luck and keep us posted
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    Hi hamish and welcome
    I had a lumpectomy and node removal. 1 1/2 yrs later I had reconstruction/reduction. I do have some swelling on the effected side. My rad onc thinks it is lymphodemia. My surgeon seemed to think it was just from the surgery. Oh well it dosen't give me any problems except for a full feeling sometimes. My rad onc showed me how to massage it and it does help. Gently press your breast and massage it going toward the lymph nodes. I do this in the shower every day it does help.

    Hope this helps a little bit