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Hi all- today is another CT and we meet with the onc. tomorrow for results. I have been working on what I am going to say tomorrow. I am going to tell him that I know ROger(my hubby) is receiving excellent care and that this plan -FOLOFX with avastin- is the best course right now, but I am not satisfied with his statement last appt. which was that he doesn't believe he can cure this cancer. One of you, my new friends, posted something in your info pages about switching docs because they were trying to control the cancer instead of curing it. That really resonated with me! So, I am going to ask for an appt. with the surgical onc.- Dr. Shen or Dr. Levine. I need to know if all the members of this team feel the same way. If not, great, tell us what needs to happen to get to surgery. If so, then out go packets of information on Roger to MSK and MD Anderson and wherever else!
TO be fair, I really like our onc. He is being straightforward with my husband and I and he puts things into the categories of what science tells us, and then hope. ANd I know he has hope. I appreciate that, but I am not ready to go on hope. Thanks to you all, I can see many different ways science IS curing stage IV folks.
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    Kim - We were pretty much told the same thing, that he was not a surgical candidate due to the number and size of mets in the liver and lungs. After completing the whole Foxfox thing, 6 months, the onc did a CT which showed significant improvement with many of the mets disappearing and the rest showing significant shrinkage. Onc was impresseed and said this was very good news and the chemo was definitely doing its job. George is now on an IV of 5FU weekly adding Avastin every other week. We go back in January to see how thing are going. I'm going to be asking questions about possible resection in the future if things continue to go well as well as theraspheres/sirsphires, RFA, HAI pump (although I really don't think that is an option now) or any other additional treatments that we should be going for and if it is time for a referral to a liver doc, radiation oncologist, etc. Personally, I think you have to give it the full 6 months unless he is showing progression. We did not experience the progression and it appeared we stopped it in its tracks, for now. I never used the word cure with the doctors because I know how bad things were but now that is a word creeping into my mind. The onc did tell me with a huge grin that I can expect to have George around for a good, long time. With this disease I know that things could turn on a dime so for now, we are doing really good so we are staying the course. Hope this helps - Tina