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Hi Chenheart, I wanted to thank you for the nice card. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I've been to the hospital twice since I got it. Once for an infected PICC line, and once for being "a couple of quarts low" on blood. Had to have a transfusion. What fun. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to get a card from you, you'll never know how it made may day. Many thanks and good thoughts are coming your a from Los Angeles. Huggs, Lisa xoxoxo


  • chenheart
    chenheart Member Posts: 5,159 are so are so welcome, sweretie! I am very sorry you have been in the hospital! I hope that you are on the mend, and back on road to Life After Cancer. I miss all of the sisters when I notice they are not posting regularly~so I am glad that the card made your day.

    Hugs from 100 miles north of Los Angeles,
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    Get Well Soon
    Sorry to hear that you have been ill. I hope you are on the right road to recovery.