How many on here are from Oklahoma?

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Just wondering how many okies are on here with me?
I hope you enjoyed the White Christmas we were given.
I hated that all my family was not able to make it to my
house but I had my kids with me and one sister and her kids
were able to get here. It was a very good Christmas Day!



  • Calleen
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    Hi Angel
    I'm from Oklahoma...The OKC area.. I was trapped in my house the last 3 days.. My grandkids were teasing me because last weekend I was singing "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" They said guess what Meng-aw.. You got your wish!!!! I finally got out today to get my Grandkids so we could have our Christmas together.!
  • LadyParvati
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    Me, too!
    I'm in Norman. I loved our White Christmas, but it did cause some travel difficulties and challenges for many people! Even so, we get a White Christmas so rarely, it has been delightful to look outside and see the snow a foot deep or more! We've put our excess Christmas food in the outdoor refrigerator!

    We went to some friends' for Christmas Day--they have a multicultural potluck every year that is always great fun. Everyone was late, and only a little over a third the usual number of people showed up (38!), but we had a good time playing Dirty Santa anyway and had lots of good food.

    Peace and Love for the rest of the holidays and for the coming year!