"Lap" tops

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A couple of people have talked of using laptops on their laps!!

On "The Doctors" TV talk show recently they cautioned about using these directly against the body because of the heat generated - for men their sperm count can be effected. And who knows if the electricity is harmful in this day and age of everything being harmful - e.g. cell phones, etc.

So, just a thought, you might want to reconsider using these on your lap. - I am using mine on a table.


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    Heat from laptops
    Too many hot baths can do the same thing to a man. Heat kills sperm. I don't think there is any more to it than that. I could be wrong, I have been wrong before, but the actual electricity that goes through that little circuit board is so slight (either zero or 5 volts) and the current is small too. Yes, the power supply generates heat because it has to reduce your 110 volt house electricity down to simple digital electricity. I'd have to do a lot more research before I actually took it off my lap. Although there are those laptop desks that I'm hoping my husband makes for me pretty soon. It has a hard wood top and like a pillow on the bottom of it and it is better for the laptop to be on a hard surface so it can breathe and cool.