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Hi I am Zeeka17,
about seven months ago I was diagnosed with breast and mestastisised

cancer throughout my body.skull, spine hips and pelvis and small met in my lung.

I was terrified, I was a health freak. vegetarian didn't drink smoke, or even agree to an aspro.I didn't know where to turn, I thought I was going to die immediately I gave a lot of my things away, lost interest in my painting sewing etc, and started to worry about not having a funeral plan. There was nobody to turn to,They either sympathized and had me dead too, or didn,t know what to say.Then as the Months passed and my treatment seemed to hold it all at bay, I relaxed a bit, I have had no side effects no pain and can do as I always did. I am on Arimmidex and Zometa and they are doing fine, except for trouble with my worn out veins, I am going to have a permanent one in my chest. I am so in the dark about this disease. and everyone else seems to have a different cancer to mine, or a different stage.
I tend to live each minute and make sure I have fun and laughter, love my family and friends,and pray to God that i will be able to stand the pain when it eventually comes. The problem being nobody can tell me what to expect, except to say the painkillers don't work.How scary is that???Hugs to all my fellow sufferers Zeeka


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    Hi, I was diagnosed with
    Hi, I was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to my bones in July 2008. I am receiving zometa every 4 weeks. I was also terrified at first, but it seems to be stable now. Right now I am worried because i am having pain in my hip and thigh, so i do not know if this is related. I usually post on the Breast Cancer board, there are a few woman who are on zometa. You may want to come there, so far, i have not had much pain. if i do i take percocets. Just take 1 day at a time, did you have radiations. take care, it was nice to meet you
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    Zeeka, I am very sorry to hear your news. I don't have the same cancer but I wanted to welcome you to CSN. There are many people here who will do their best to help you through this. They will answer any questions you may have or listen to you when you are down or need to vent. We are all family here and people are very willing to help. The number one this to remember is do your best to keep a positive attitude. We will all put you in our prayers and check on you as often as you let us.
    May God bless you and help you to be strong on your rough journey.