Three Weeks Post Robotic Surgery

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Well, today celebrates my 3rd week since released from the hospital from Robotic surgery. I'm still using two pads a day, one after my shower and one before going to bed. Leakage is still happening but not dramatically, only when I'm strained such as coughing, standing up, etc. Bladder doesn't seem to empty completely when I do urinate, meaning I have to go often, just like I did prior to surgery. Before, I was told my prostate was the reason for my bladder not emptying, but they can't say that today.

Still a little sore in the stomach area from the punctures, but the wounds are almost 90% healed and gone away. (other than the large one where they brought out the prostate).

Taking a viagra every other day and to my surprise, no headaches because of it. However, so far there's been no reaction to the little blue pill.

Next appointment with the Doc is Jan 22nd for a followup PSA test and general review.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Larry B


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    Maybe the slow flow


    Maybe the slow flow is due to swelling down there blocking the flow.

    You are such a nice guy, I'm hoping all you need now is patience....time to heal, poor body has taken a beating.

    Have a great new year!!
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    As time goes on the

    As time goes on the having to empty bladder frequently should decrease. I'm at 4 1/2 months post davinci and some nights I can go all night with out getting up for the bathroom! I've been pretty dry since the first, however I went to the YMCA Tuesday evening, rode stationary bike for 6 miles, climbed off and 'woops' little wet spot. Don't use any pads though so staining will get you.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

    Larry in Tn.
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    Tough Bladder
    My Doc says that the urinary urges may be caused by my bladder being conditioned to work against my enlarged prostate. Now that the prostate's gone, the bladder will eventually ease up. I am 12 weeks out and use a pad at work, just in case. I still get up twice a night, but have a strong stream and can empty. You may want to call your Doc and ask…that’s what you pay him for!! ;-)